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Weetabix with Peach and Rasberry Compote Yogurt

Jam and Compote Serving Suggestions

  • WBX_FAM_Dbl_SS_A3.jpg

Poached Peaches with Berry Compote

Combine some poached peaches, raspberry compote and pistachios with greek yoghurt. Spoon over 2 Weetabix

  • WBX_FAM_Dbl_SS_A4.jpg

Berry Crusher

Layer 2 crushed Weetabix with blueberry compote and natural yoghurt in a mason jar. Top with blueberries.

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Chia, Apple and Jam

Add warm steamed apples and strawberry jam to 2 Weetabix and pour over some milk.

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Winter Warmer

Mix together poached plums, apple compote and 2 crushed Weetabix. Sprinkle some chopped pecans over the top and soak with warm milk.