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Weetabix with Banana, Cinamon and Maple

Spice Serving Suggestions

  • WBX_FAM_Dbl_SS_A14.jpg

Banana Heaven

Combine chopped banana with 2 Weetabix. Spoon over some greek yoghurt before adding a generous serving of maple syrup. Sprinkle with cinnamon.

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Caramalised Apple and Cinnamon

Add caramelised apple and raisins to 2 Weetabix. Soak with milk and sprinkle with cinnamon.

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Citrussy Herbs and Spices

Sliced blood orange mixed with cinnamon, pistachios and mint, all combined with 2 Weetabix and a serving of milk.

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Cinnamon Blueberries

Sprinkle blueberries and cinnamon over 2 Weetabix. Add some almond milk.